Valentine Design takes pride in creating some of the most uniquely beautiful, and efficient, web sites on the internet.

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How Do I Get Started?
Whether you are thinking about a new site or want to upgrade your existing sites, this is a good way to get started.

1. Think about what you want your site to do. Will it be an online portfolio so that prospective clients can preview your work? Are you interested in e-commerce, do you plan to sell online? Do you want to promote your work as an artist, writer, designer, artisan, or any other field of endeavor?

2. Who is your competition? Spend a little time searching the web for others who do what you do. When you see a site you particularly like, make note of the URL. This will be helpful when you begin work on your site.

3. What sort of "look" are you most attracted to? What colors do you like? Do you already have brochures and other material you want to coordinate your site look with?

4. Give us a call: 978-282-1518 or send us an email. If you already have a URL and a host we can work with that. If not, we can help you get one.

5. Once we have talked about your needs and decide to move forward, the next step is creating a look and feel for your site that sends the message that best represents you. We'll work with you until YOU feel the overall look of the site is what you want.

6. Next it is a matter of getting the information you need to present out there. About Us, Contact, Directions, History, Galleries, How To Buy, — these are all things that we can work with you on in order to present the best possible representation of who you are and what this web site is about. Call any time to talk over ideas you have. We're always open to creative marketing ideas!

Search Engine Optimization
Every new web site that goes live receives emails from marketing companies saying that they can make your site Number 1. The internet has literally billions of web sites and getting top positions with major search engines like Yahoo and Google is everybody's objective.

We won't promise to make you Number 1 but we will do as much as we can to optimize your site for greater search-ability. When we talk about your new or revised site, ask about search engine optimization and we'll tell you what we have learned. SEO is a constantly evolving technology but we learn new strategies all the time and want to help you as much as we can.

We look forward to working with you! Call 978-282-1518 or email for rates and time schedules.




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