Thanks to the ease of digital and print-on-demand publishing, more authors than ever are publishing today.
One of the most critical needs for authors is an attractive cover that catches potential readers eyes and gives a sense of the content.
Valentine Design creates covers for both print and digital books with an eye to visibility when they are reduced to thumbnails.
These are a few of our projects. Most are created with supplied or stock photography.

Spy Lover by Kiana Davenport
Tarotica by Amber Austin
Jim Loscutoff Boston Celtics Legend
Bette Lee Crosby's Stories
Kiana Davenport
Skye Alexander's Deadly Duos
Kate Flora's Playing God
Mellingham series by Susan Oleksiw
Gloucester Poetry by Peter Todd
Jubilee's Journey by Bette Lee Crosby
Arthur's Story by Kathleen Valentine

3 Books by Susan Oleksiw


Halcyon Beach Ghost Stories

Crazy Old Lady Books

Marienstadt Series

Boston Sculpture Book by Joseph Gallo
Skye Alexander
Buck Bug Magic by Jerome Farnsworth
Marine Painting by Charles Gruppe
Legacy of Three Melissas by Melissa Abbott


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