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Need a brochure in a hurry? On Tuesday Enoy Lobster called us and said they needed a brochure in a hurry for an upcoming networking opportunity. We had their photography on file and wrote the copy based on the information on their web site. On Thursday we uploaded this brochure, having received their approval, to Vista Print. They placed their order that day and requested expedited delivery. They had their brochures the following Tuesday with time to spare for their event!


North Shore landscape gardener Martin Ray has been a Valentine Design client for years.

His web site, business cards, postcards and mailers were created especially to show his unique and distinctive outdoor designs, so when Martin was ready to market his latest venture, Confluence, Environmental Sculpture, he called. The brochure above is the first in a series of marketing materials created to show off Martin's remarkable work. A web site and promotional video are being prepared as well. Valentine Design is proud to work with creative individuals like Martin Ray!

Four Brochures

Today it's simple to offer your customers - and prospective customers - an attractive promotional piece that makes you look your best. Before the advantages of today's print technology, full color was not cost effective unless thousands of pieces were ordered. Today that is no longer the case and many small businesses, galleries, and shops are looking better than ever with beautifully designed brochures that show them at their best.

Postcards are popular, too. They can be used to promote special products, announce events, or even as party invitations. The brochures and postcards shown below are just a few of those we have designed for clients at very reasonable prices.

Black and white doesn't have to be boring!

Color ads in magazines and brochures can be much more expensive than black and white but black and white can be striking!
A well-designed b-w ad can have all the impact of color. Call us to see how good you can look!

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